How sensitive data will remain your sensitive data

Data Safety

Most printers and MFPs are equipped with hard disks and central memory that are able to accumulate and store gigabytes of data over extensive time periods. Reliable safety mechanisms are therefore needed to protect confidential data and sensitive corporate information. Konica Minolta systems guarantee such protection with a range of overlapping security features:

  • Automatic erasure:
    With the automatic erasure, all data stored on the hard disk are deleted after a specified time span.

  • Password protection of internal hard disk:
    After removal of the hard disk from the MFP, the reading out of stored data – that naturally might also be confidential – requires entering a password. This password is linked to the hardware system, which means that once the hard disk is removed from the device, stored data can no longer be accessed.

  • Overwriting of hard disk:
    The most secure method to format a hard disk is to overwrite all hard disk data. This is done by a number of methods in adherence with different standards.

  • Hard disk encryption:
    On hard disks integrated into Konica Minolta systems, data can be stored encrypted on the basis of a 128-bit algorithm. This function complies with the data security policies of most companies. Once a hard disk has been encrypted, it is no longer possible to read or recall data from the hard disk even after its removal from the MFP.


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