Data storage – Playing it safe!

Hard Disk Security

Most multifunctional systems of today offer a multitude of features and functions that need considerable memory, making additional data memory, i.e. an internal system hard disk, essential. For you as a customer this raises the question what happens to your personal and corporate data on these hard disks at the end of the contract. How safe are they, and would it be possible to read out data or reconstruct them?

For optimal protection of the data on the internal hard disk, an extensive range of security functions is already standard in Konica Minolta’s bizhub systems, which makes us the market leader in this field. Same for the norm: It goes without saying that all of our bizhub systems are certified to Common Criteria ISO15408

But what exactly does this mean

  • The Konica Minolta bizhub systems of the latest generation protect the internal hard disk with the following standard features:
  • The hard disk is protected with a password that is linked to the BIOS.
  • Stored data are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) supporting up to 256-bit key size.
  • The data on the hard disk can be overwritten with 8 different modes, from the overwrite pattern 0x00 (Japan Electronic & Information Technology Association, Russian Standard GOST) up to sevenfold overwriting with various data patterns including verification (US Air Force Standard AFSSI5020).
  • In addition to this, temporary data overwriting is applied for example to transitionally saved print data that, depending on the configuration, are immediately overwritten with the simple pattern 0x00 or with 0x00/0xff /0x61, including subsequent verification.
  • For data stored on the document server, automatic deletion after a specified time interval can be programmed.

To a certain extent, the mechanisms used in bizhub devices actually exceed the standard protection of an operating system. For you as a user this means that your data are optimally protected by the various security features of the hard disk so that full confidentiality of all user data is ensured. In addition, you can delete data according to high-end security standards if required.


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