Security at Konica Minolta

In the digital age, we have seen global communications undergo unprecedented growth - and the potential of damaging security breaches has soared in parallel. In any business environment, the daily activities of printing, scanning, copying, emailing and faxing, as elementary components of work processes and workflows, make MFPs indispensable on many levels. As a consequence, it is paramount that these devices are given the protection needed to withstand the ongoing threats to security. 

Konica Minolta's comprehensive range of standard security features and options form a powerful source on which professional solutions can be based: solutions to both detect and prevent security violations, and avoid knock-on financial and/or reputational damage at the corporate as well as the private individual level. Konica Minolta has pioneered this field and remains the industry's leader.

Konica Minolta’s security solutions at a glance:


All relevant Konica Minolta devices have been certified in accordance to the  Common Criteria  ISO 15408 standards and fulfil the involved requirements without exceptions.. 

“Integrated MFP security technology has been a long-term focus of Konica Minolta and is central to Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services (OPS) strategy. … Konica Minolta offers a comprehensive range of solutions across access control, data security, network security and scanning security, with functionality varying across device … Konica Minolta claims to have the widest range of ISO 15408 fully certified MFPs in the market.” 

Source: Quocirca (2017): Business and IT Analysis “Print security: An imperative in the IoT era – A market perspective on print security, p. 14



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