Access security & control

Access control

Although security aspects are generally considered as highly important in the public as well as the corporate sector, the security risks related to MFPs are frequently disregarded. Some dangers might be recognised but nevertheless ignored, especially where critical documents and sensitive data are concerned. This is especially risky for printers and MFPs that are installed in public areas and can be accessed not only by employees but also suppliers and outside visitors.
With the sophisticated functionality of most modern MFPs, it is child’s play to transmit confidential information beyond the physical and virtual confines of the company. The first logical step therefore is to prevent the unauthorised use of these devices. On one hand, this requires mechanisms to control system access; on the other hand, safety rules and regulations need to be established to govern the use of MFPs and printers as part of the every-day office routine. With Konica Minolta, you can achieve this without compromising on user convenience and operability of your in- and output systems.

Cost centres and user accounts can be set up on bizhub devices and allow defining individual access rights for different users, for example printing in colour or the use of other special features. In addition, user groups can be allocated to different cost centres to guarantee maximum transparency of all activities and related costs.

Anyone wanting to use a bizhub device has to authenticate with username and password. Without such authentication, access to the chosen device is automatically blocked. This user authentication can be set up locally on the device directly or controlled centrally, for example via the Active Directory. Besides registering on the system with username and password or PIN code, authentication can also be realized via ID card or biometric feature, i.e. a finger vein scanner.


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